Esterházy Castle


The Esterházy Castle is located in the centre of the Municipality of Darda, in the immediate vicinity of Osijek, the seat of the Osijek – Baranja County.
The project is owned by the Municipality of Darda and envisages the reconstruction of the old castle complex into a 5* hotel (36 rooms and 4 apartments and 126
beds) with additional facilities (restaurant, coffee house, hotel shop, conference hall, wellness centre, wine cellar, bowling alley and swimming pool) on a land
area of 23,807 m2. Depending on the preferences of investors, the project can be developed as a home for elderly.
The unique baroque architecture of the castle, built at the beginning of the 18th century, has historical, architectural and townscape value and is protected as cultural heritage.


The location is well connected to the highway corridor A5 Beli Manastir – Osijek – The Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (distance 8 km), as well as with railway (2 km), Airport Osijek (15 km) and river port in Batina (11 km). All necessary infrastructure (gas, electricity, water, sewage) is provided.

Transaction model

The Esterházy Castle will be offered to a strategic partner based on a right to build model which will be granted for 99 years or sale (282.433 EUR). In the event of a sale, the Republic of Croatia has preemption rights.
Under the conditions stipulated by the Act on Investment Promotion (OG 102/15, 25/18,114/18, 32/20) this project may qualify for investment incentives in case it will be developed as a tourism project.

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