CCPP Slavonski Brod


CCPP Slavonski Brod is a greenfield project of phased construction of gas Combined Cycle Power Plant of rated capacity up to 2×250 MWe and 25 MWt next to the City of Slavonski Brod. The net rated capacity of the first phase of CCPP Slavonski Brod is up to 240 MWe. The estimated value of the total investment is 450 million EUR, while the investment estimate for the first phase is 200 million EUR.


The location has been chosen carefully, equipped with utilities and infrastructure, and is ready for construction. The property-legal affairs regarding the building plot have been resolved (concession contract for 35 years).

Transaction model

The power plant will offer on the energy market electricity, ancillary services, and balancing energy for the electrical power systems as well as for the gas systems. The project is market-oriented and will generate revenues in the open energy market according to market principles.

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