Biomass cogeneration plant Vojnić


The project involves the construction of a 1000 kW biomass cogeneration plant (maximum dimensions of 42.45 x 24.70 m) along with biomass canopy, a pellet production plant, wheel scales and reception (total net and gross area of all the facilities involved in the project are: net 647.45 m2; gross: 1,276.26 m2). According to estimates from the main project it is expected that 7,200 MWh of electricity from renewable sources will be sent to the grid and 16,800 MWh of heat.


The project is located in Municipality of Vojnić, in the southeastern part of Karlovac County, in the heart of the Republic of Croatia, at the intersection of the most important roads connecting Europe with the Adriatic coast (motorways A6 and A1 – Karlovac 25 km). The proximity to Zagreb (54 km), the capital of Croatia and the strongest economic center, its “Franjo Tuđman” airport (80km) and Rijeka (110 km), the largest Croatian sea port, has influenced the development of the County as a large manufacturing area.

Transaction model

The building permit for the project is already obtained (valid from April 2019). The estimated value of the project is 7.4 million EUR and as transaction model, the Municipality offers the sale, right to build or lease of land within the scope of the project.

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